I wish I said that! But that was Gwen Hovlands’ saying and she understood it and believed it as much as any Broker I have ever known!  I just received an incredible note from Gwen thanking me for my service to the community and letting me know that she was going to be spending the next few years working with the Peace Corps in Thailand… WOW… talk about service to others.  Gwen has Raised The Bar!  She was the standard of excellence in Coronado Real Estate for many years and I can tell you I learned so much about selling residential real estate from Gwen by watching her very, very unique style.  Gwen was all about helping people...the selling real estate was only a part of what she did.  She knew how to help people in what is often a very stressful circumstance.  She kept calm and just made the problems and issues just go away.  She saw the big picture and how important it is to put integrity, loyalty and ethics over everything else.  She has been a great teacher and taught me so much without ever telling me a single thing about how I should conduct my business but instead by being an incredible example of all the things I aspire to be… She is leaving her business to her very capable son, Brennan and from my dealings with him “He Gets It.”  as he gains experience he will become very successful at real estate brokerage or whatever he chooses to do.  Gwen Hovland has done a lot for Coronado and the real estate community by being an example of how we should treat others.  I am going to miss her flowery descriptions of a  property that made no sense to me at all but captivated the imagination and dreams of those she helped.  She set the bar high and while I am glad I don’t have to compete against her for listings, I will miss her spirit and incredibly positive outlook on life.  While I didn’t coin the phrase, “WORKING WITH PEOPLE NOT JUST PROPERTY.” I learned from Gwen that’s what this business is all about!

God’s Blessings and Thanks Gwen….Good luck in Thailand

Scott Aurich