It is a tremendous privilege to be trusted with the responsibility of helping a client find the perfect property at the best possible price. Our approach is that of a teacher instead of a salesperson. Our goal is to provide our clients with as much information as needed to assure that we all feel comfortable with making an offer to purchase a specific property. We recognize our clients have different goals, expectations and time frames in which they feel comfortable working. We provide our service at a pace to meet each client's individual needs and desires.

Foremost, our responsibility is to educate our client on the availability of property, in the market that meets their needs, and the true fair market value of such a property. This is done without attempting to "sell" anything, except our service.

We begin with an in depth interview to understand the Buyer's general parameters and to determine what price range is appropriate. This information is advantageous when negotiating on behalf of the Buyer, by creating confidence with the Seller that the Buyer is serious and capable of closing the transaction.

Next, we provide the Buyer with a comprehensive overview of the market. As we learn additional specific details about the client's needs and expectations, we focus our efforts on finding exactly the right property.

Once the Buyer has identified a prospective property, our task is to obtain as much information as possible in order to gain any edge in the negotiation process we can. This will include researching when the property was purchased, what the Seller paid, why the property is being sold, etc.

After illuminating all the critical factors, we prepare and negotiate a contract with terms and conditions favorable to our client's needs. Once escrow has been opened, we will oversee all aspects of the performance of the contract to assure escrow is closed as per the agreement. By maintaining an open dialogue and expressing our client's expectations throughout the transaction, we minimize the risk of "twelfth hour surprises" coming up and creating complications.

Our service, experience and absolutely no pressure approach have served us well in the past. We expect continued success in the years to come.