Our real estate market in Coronado is really three markets combined:

The Cays, The Shores and The Village. 

Here is a quick look at the activity in each for 2013…

 PendingSoldAve. $ PriceAve. $SF
2013 (YTD)
2006 (Entire Year)
Cays 35$1,576,700$673
Shores 35$1,520,600$1,147
Village 153$1,540,700$850
While prices have not come back to the peak levels, which were in 2006 for the Cays and Shores and 2007 for the Village. However, if the numbers for the current month to date sales for 2013 are annualized, we will have an all time high in sales volume. 2013 will be a great year for sellers as there has continued to be a strong demand and lower interest rates.  If you are a prospective Buyer you need to work hard to learn the market and having a Realtor who has done business here in Coronado for over 25 years may help.
I have had a lot of success in selling the most expensive homes here...I have also represented Buyers and Sellers on some of the least expensive as well!  Whatever your needs, please feel free to give me a call day or night. (619) 987-9797

                                                               Scott Aurich