Recently I have seen a number of prospective Buyers who have the belief that they can learn the market by looking on or and get the information from the Internet needed to make an accurate valuation of real estate here in Coronado.  While I like working with Clients who are engaged and do their homework and these Internet sites add value to the level of understanding our market, they don't factor in the intangibles that only someone who really knows the market can share.

We have a number of great Brokers/Agents in Coronado, many of which have been here a long, long time.  I have lived in 15 homes in Coronado over the last 26 years in a variety of different areas.  In addition to remodeling most of those homes and building three of them from the ground up, I have also built affordable housing and luxury condominiums.  I understand this market and have never lost a dime on anything I have bought or sold.

I have been a real estate broker my entire career and while I am the first to admit we get paid a lot of what we do, I bring value to every deal!  I have sold as much real estate here in understanding what your property is worth and how to sell it for top dollar or find just the right property and secure it at the best possible price, which is usually my clients' goal, give me a call.  You may be surprised to find out that the Internet doesn't have all the answers.  Local knowledge and experience adds to the information available online and helps educate you to make the right decision. 

I answer my phone and love to talk Coronado Real Estate.  Looking forward to hearing from you!  (619) 987-9797

Scott Aurich