Coming to the end of what has been a very busy summer and taking time to reflect on, how lucky those of us who call Coronado “Home” really are!  Not that I am “Well Traveled” but it really seems like everywhere I go…I’d rather be here.  We have a solid city government which over the years has been creative with our Community Development Plan and frugal with our budget.  Just being solvent is a challenge and our city has a surplus! While the School District is not as fortunate with the budget restrictions due to funding from the State, it keeps cranking out the best test scores in the County, Blue Ribbon Awards and most importantly some really great kids!

What is most special about this tiny beach town is the people.  We have the most “Midwest” attitude on the West Coast.  Sometimes I feel like I like I’m in Mayberry and “Andy, Barney and Opie,"  are going to pop up on Orange Avenue or I’ll see “Floyd” at Bow Ties giving a haircut in the chair next to Travis…. Generally speaking Coronado is about as nice a place as you can hope to find outside of Texas and Texas is a pretty high bar for “Nice People”!  Lucky to be here and I don’t take it for granted!  

                                                                      Respectfully, Scott Aurich